Mission Specific Kitting Solutions

With 11,000 suppliers and millions of products available, TAC2 consolidates orders from multiple manufactures and prepares a consolidated shipment for delivery to our customer. TAC2 specializes in an extensive selection of specialized tactical gear, ballistic protection and apparel, Custom Tactical Uniforms in support of special missions. TAC2 takes great pride in supporting our military, law enforcement, and disaster response customers.

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Expeditionary Logistics

TAC2 has earned its reputation as a reliable partner, capable of mobilizing expeditionary logistics solutions, particularly in environments that lack an existing infrastructure due to conflict. With pre-screened and vetted suppliers, transportation providers, and a battle tested team, TAC2 plans and executes rapid, responsive, cost effective, and innovative solutions to logistical challenges around the world.

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Product Installation & Training

TAC2 personnel work with our supplier partners to provide product installations for our customers, wherever they are located. Our product specialists guide customers through the process from order to install and are there to provide training and ongoing product support as needed.

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Global Focus Global Presence

TAC2 has an established reputation for providing a full range of logistics support services from procurement options through life-cycle support to military, law enforcement, and disaster response customers.

For over 12 years TAC2 Subject Matter Experts has provided procurement, supplier management, materials management services, inspection, assembly, kitting, warehousing, and domestic and international freight logistics to numerous bureaus within the State Department, including Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA), Special Program for Embassy Augmentation and Response (SPEAR), International Narcotics & Law Enforcement (INL), and African Peacekeeping and Rapid Response Partnership (APRRP).

TAC2 further specializes in bespoke support to State and Local Law Enforcement, Disaster Response, and First Responders

We take tremendous pride in supporting those who support us and never forget our first priority: The Cusotmer

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